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" I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in pursuing a career in animation. There's a lot of great information from a lot of talented people already working in the animation field, I'm not including myself in this group . =) There wasn't anything like this when I was going to school for animation back in the early 2000's and when I had a chance to read it, I thought, man, Josh really did a great job, and I saw the value in the information he had provided to someone that was looking to break in. Everyone's path is ultimately different, and there's not a single answer or solution, but even as someone who's had to look for work various times over the journey of my career, there were a lot of tips and ideas on how to look for work and improve my chances of finding contained in the book that I had not thought of."

-Ramiro O.  Animation Artist at Warner Bros. Studios 

"It's so good! I especially like the  information on social media. I dont think there's really anything like this for animators. It always seemed more like "you just gotta know someone" and to some degree it is or in New York it feels that way lol. Having something like this is so helpful. The number one question for any panel is "how do I break in to the industry?" and theres usually a very vague answer so I hope the new answer would be recommending this!"

-Rob Y.  Animation Artist

"This is great insight into the animation industry with Joshua's unique perspective. Joshua breaks down some of the most common questions that many students and new graduates have. The information is a great confidence boost to many students. Joshua's interviews with other industry professionals is great enhancement as well."

- Becky B. Professor at Lesley University

"Really helpful! It answered some of my most important questions. Openly reveals first-person information about the effort and dedication needed to enter the animation field professionally, including valuable tips on the payments practiced by the industry, not less important for those considering it seriously. Couldn't find such detailed info elsewhere. :) "

- Nelson Martins - 2D Animator

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