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" I did the portfolio review with Josh and it was so helpful!! It’s hard to find people who can give you feedback on how to improve without making you feel like you totally suck. Josh gives excellent feedback and suggestions for improvement!"
- Erika Birkenes

" I was lucky enough to catch a one-to-one website and portfolio review with the brilliant Joshua Pinker :) I would give him a follow so you don't miss out next time his one-to-ones become available!
Thanks Joshua! Really helpful advice :)"

- Leah Panigada - Carey

I had a wonderful experience with my portfolio review with Joshua! If you're debating having a review with him, I recommend it! He was kind and conducted himself professionally. I got wonderful feedback and was respected. Thank you again for everything.
- Sam Gauthier

  • What's included with the portfolio review?
    1 on 1 call with Artist and Author Josh notes on how to fix your portfolio website links to references and tutorials and other helpful things to keep you moving forward
  • Who can sign up for the reviews?
    Anyone who is an artist. Storyborders,rigger, animators, illustrators. All will find this helpful.
  • Do you offer free reviews?
    Sorry, No. I have many projects going on and my time is limited. I am giving you my tips and advice from 10 years of professional experience. That is worth more than the $25 fee.
  • How do I book?
    Click the book now button and it will take you to the site with the calendar of my available days.
  • How do I pay the fee?
    After clicking the Book Now button, there will be instructions on how to send payment. You can use paypal to send payment or use link to add your credit card information.
  • Why should I have my portfolio reviewed?
    Great question. Looking professional is very important. You want to stand out from the crowd and make the best impression. You want to make sure your website is easy to use for the person who is looking to hire. I can help you achieve that and get one step closer to landing your dream job. It's very interesting how a bad layout of a website can lower the quality of your amazing artwork.
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